FATTERELLI – Giuseppe De Mattia

The series is titled Fattarelli, which in Italian and in its most literal reading means: facts that hold little weight. In
reality it is through these unimportant elements that human knowledge has always spread. The work is a homage to the vernacular, to the tales of the elders and those of the wise.
From a technical standpoint the body of work entertains a dialogue between photography (unique gelatin silver prints, the negative is subsequently destroyed) alongside red and blue pastels applied directly on the passe-partout.
The coloring of the passe-partout is obtained through a fountain pen ink mix, applied as a ritual to establish object’s
special status, in order to distance it from its traditional application and function. For the first time, on the occasion of the residency from KORA Art Center, the series is enriched with a performance part that sees the introduction of a sculptural- architecture made of swamp reeds. The Boccascena, this is the name of the new element, serves to close the verandas at street level, typical in Salento homes, making it a kind of figure theater. The two text readers, interpreting blue and red writing respectively, appear from two windows. The proscenium is an independent element from the figures and can be activated at any time with two actors.