Monday August 3rd, 2020

rs548049170_1_69869_TT – the book

The work rs548049170_1_69869_TT, a translation of artist Emilio Vavarella’s genetic code into a large textile, was produced by his mother on one of the first […]
Monday July 20th, 2020

“Tools for Imagination” a project by artist Céline Condorelli | Winner of the 8th Edition of Italian Council

Ramdom is pleased to announce that it is among the winners of the 8th. Edition of Italian Council, program to promote Italian contemporary art in […]
Thursday July 16th, 2020

Angeliki Tzortzakaki – #ramdomresidency

From 28 August until 6 September Lastation will host Angeliki Tzortzakaki, (b. 1990, Heraklion, Greece) a curator currently based in Amsterdam. Her research investigates ecologies of […]
Wednesday July 15th, 2020

MNEMOSCOPIO – Presentation of the work of art

A project by Emilio Vavarella Curated and produced by Ramdom Presentation of the work of art 1 August at 19:00 at the Hotel Terminal in […]
Tuesday June 16th, 2020

rs548049170_1_69869_TT (The Other Shapes of Me) “Ideas, Hypotheses, Assumptions and Objects”

A project by Emilio Vavarella Curated and produced by Ramdom 31 July – 13 September 2020 From Wednesday until Sunday, 7pm – 10pm   Gagliano […]
Tuesday June 16th, 2020

L’altra forma di me [Workshop]

Textile art workshop for three heads and four hands Designed for kids from 6 years old with… mum/daughter/uncle/uncle/grandmother/ grandfather/grandfather/nandfather/status: the important thing is to be […]