The Multimedia Library Observatory on the Extreme Lands is an important reference and research tool for artists and researchers as well as enthusiasts who want to investigate contemporary art productions and their uses in peripheral contexts.

Here we gather and make available the work made by Ramdom since it’s foundation (2011) and specifically since 2014, the year in which the Investigation on the Extreme Lands program was launched. So far many artists, curators, cultural operators, and local inhabitants have taken part in a process of critical analysis and re-reading of the theme of Landscape and Territory through physical, anthropological and social meanings.

The Mediateca‘s heritage consists of the works produced over the years by all the artists in residence, including their process materials and the documentation of the many activities made so far by Ramdom. In addition to this central collection, a small but precious and interesting selection of books, catalogues, and periodicals are housed here thanks to the donations of publishers and authors. 

The current, ongoing, layout has been conceived almost as an exhibition in the exhibition. The opening of the Multimedia library Observatory on the Extreme Lands happily coincides with the inauguration of Everything escapes us. This occasion has driven us, almost instinctively, to not present a real workspace, as it will be, but a sort of curated space with the artworks so far made by artists and researchers that Ramdom has hosted. The selection has at it’s core the theme of Landscape / Territory, a sort of border or trigger if one wants, to push forth the research already completed at Lastation.