Ramdom is an organisation devoted to cultural and artistic production and it is based in Gagliano del Capo (LE, Italy). It was founded in 2011 by

Paolo Mele and Luca Coclite with the aim of providing international projection to contemporary art projects produced in dialogue with the local territory of Salento. Over the past seven years activities have included exhibitions, public art productions, residencies and workshops, plus two ongoing research focused endeavours, Investigation of Extreme Lands and DEFAULT.

In 2016 it launched Until the End of the Sea Residency program dedicated to under 35 artists and curators.

Ramdom’s headquarter, Lastation, is located on the first floor of a still active railway station (Gagliano – Leuca ) in Southeast Italy and it host a Media Library, a residency room and an open space for exhibitions and performances.


Paolo Mele

Direttore e Fondatore

Paolo Mele (1981), PhD in Communication & New Technologies at IULM University in Milan with a project research on Arts and New Media.
Founder and director of Ramdom, an art organization based in the heel of Italy. He organised 3 editions of Default, an international masterclass on “Arts, cities and regeneration” with important artists and guests from all around the world. In 2014, He launched the site specific project “Investigation on the extreme land”.
Since 2015 director of Lastation, arts and cultural space located on the first floor of the last train station on the Southern est point of Italy (Stazione Gagliano – Leuca)
He has collaborated with several international organisations such as the New Art Exchange (Nottingham, UK), Fondazione Veronesi (Italy), Fondazione Chivasso (Italy), World Bank (Washington, USA) and others.
He was Visiting Researcher at the New School for Public Engagement in New York City from November 2013 to October 2015.
From 2008 to 2012 Paolo worked for the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean (Bjcem) as Project manager.
Since June 2018 he is Project Manager for Fondazione Matera Basilicata 2019

Luca Coclite


Luca Coclite è un artista, nato a Gagliano del Capo nel 1981. Vive e lavora tra Lecce e Bologna. I suoi lavori alludono a connessioni immaginarie e la temporanea o permanente referenza assenza, che crea le condizioni per dare forma alla sua poetica. L’osservatore, sorpreso da un continuo ed improvviso cambiamento visuale, è spinto alla ricerca di tracce originali di informazione dietro alle proiezioni materializzatesi.

Annapaola Presta

Project Manager

Annapaola Presta è laureata in Beni Culturali e ha conseguito un master di I livello in Comunicazione e Creazione di eventi presso l’Università degli Studi di Firenze. Approda professionalmente nel campo dell’arte contemporanea lavorando come assistente alla Florence University of Arts, ambiente di ampio respiro internazionale che le ha permesso di interagire e confrontarsi con artisti europei e d’oltreoceano. Ha collaborato con enti pubblici e privati per la realizzazione di eventi di promozione culturale e sociale.

Claudio Zecchi

Curatorial Staff & International Projects

Claudio Zecchi is an independent curator whose field of research aims at investigating, in a state of cultural nomadism, a new vision and reading of the public sphere exploring the mutual relationship between the practices – artistic, curatorial and institutional – the territory and the local communities.
Conceived as a long-term discursive research focused on the relationship between art and the public sphere, his research surveys specific territories. As the project is the culmination of months of conversations with local artists, curators, institutions, and communities, the aim is to unearth and incentivizing the presence of alternative spaces and potential outcomes generated by the discourse itself.
The outcome so far has always been different. He investigated the concept of activism (Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan); the role that artists, curators, institutions perform in the contemporary society at large (Residency Unlimited, New York); the topic of the language (New Art Exchange, Nottingham), the topic of architecture and urbanism (PIVÔ Pesquisa, São Paulo) and the topic of participation (TOKAS_Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo)
Over the years he developed medium and long-term multidisciplinary projects that aim at generating, encourage and nurture a dialogue in a continues dialectical tension between different forms of thought, processes, and practices.

Simona Casarano

Assistant Curator

Heba Amin

Curatorial Staff

Heba Y. Amin is an Egyptian visual artist, researcher and lecturer. She is currently teaching at Bard College Berlin, is a BGSMCS doctorate fellow at Freie Universität, and a recent resident artist at the Bethanien artist residency program in Berlin. Amin has received many grants, including the DAAD grant and the Rhizome Commissions grant. She is the co-founder of the Black Athena Collective, the curator of visual art for the MIZNA journal (US), and curator for the biennial residency program DEFAULT with Ramdom Association (IT). Furthermore, Amin is also one of the artists behind the subversive graffiti action on the set of the television series “Homeland” which received worldwide media attention.

Heba Amin’s work is embedded in extensive research and a studio practice that looks at the convergence of politics, technology, and architecture. Working with various media, her work investigates the impact of infrastructure on the human psyche through junctures, glitches and flawed memory. Her work highlights and engages with narratives of national sovereignty, often in contested territories and especially questions methodological assumptions embedded within Western historiography. She is particularly interested in tactics of subversion and other techniques used to undermine systems as well as topics surrounding critical spatial practice.

Francesca Girelli


Francesca è una curatrice e producer. Attualmente lavora per Arthub Asia, una organizzazione no-profit con sede a Shanghai che si dedica alla produzione e diffusione di arte contemporanea. Francesca ha trascorsi nel mercato dell’arte, e si è trasferita in Cina nel 2011 dove ha spostato il focus della sua ricerca sulle pratiche di curatela interculturali. Nel 2012 ha co-organizzato City Pavilion Project, parte integrale della nona edizione della Biennale di Shanghai. A partire dal 2013, Francesca ha collaborato con Ramdom nello sviluppo di DEFAULT. Nel frattempo, Francesca porta avanti la ricerca sul contenuto della Collezione FarEastFarWest come esempio significativo della scena dell’arte contemporanea a Shanghai nell’edizione presente e passate.

Ramdom è in continua evoluzione: accogliamo con favore nuove collaborazioni con organizzazioni e persone motivate a impegnarsi nella produzione culturale e artistica, la mobilità internazionale, la ricerca e lo sviluppo di nuovi linguaggi di comunicazione.

Se volete unirvi a noi o presentarci un progetto, contattateci all’indirizzo: info@ramdom.net
Se volete collaborare con noi, inviateci una e-mail, specificando nell’oggetto “collaborazione” e allegando il vostro CV.

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