Ramdom’s collection began to establish itself in 2014 as the result of its multidisciplinary research activity on the concept of border, South and Mediterranean reality. Thanks to its geographical position, far from the major hubs of production, it has been at the same time a condition, a way and a key through which to operate and investigate some of the most burning topical issues.
The 70 works of the collection, that concerns mostly new productions from artists-in-residence, are located in macro research areas that become themselves methods, such as Investigation on the Extreme Land, To the End of the Sea, South of Mars, Chorio_The Village of the Contemporary, The Storyline of the World. 1
The range of the works is rather heterogeneous and the media that were used are those with which time after time the artists best interpreted their object of research and replied to the raised questions. The collection includes movies, videos, film and digital photographs, experimental devices for cross-reality, 3D reconstructions, wax sculptures, neon signs, vinyls, lights, radio storytellings, silicon moulds, drawings, textile artworks, environmental installations. What links these productions is the look at the territory, the attempt to understand it and to read it through the artistic tools of research.
Part of the collection has been entrusted on free loan to Kora – Public Museum of Contemporary Art, in Castrignano de' Greci. Ramdom, as leader of the ATI manages the Palazzo Baronale de Gualtieriis and deals with the museum. Today the Palazzo is known as Kora – Center of the contemporary.