Until the end of the sea 2018-19


On the basis and in continuity with the experience activated last year (2017-2018) with the participation of four artists – Simona di Meo, Roberto Memoli, Nuvola Ravera and Jacopo Rinaldi – Ramdom‘s association, winner for the second and consecutive year of the grant SIAE | Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura, will develope an artist’s residency program that goes under the title Sino alla Fine del Mare. The program will see the participation of the artists’ duo Riccardo Giacconi + Carolina Valencia Caicedo and Lia Cecchin.

The program, which will run from the end of September 2018 until the end of Feb. 2019, will be curated by Claudio Zecchi.

The residency, in continuity with Ramdom’s research on the topic of the so-colled Extreme Lands, methodologically aims to investigate about the process as an investigative tool and place of formalization of research. The territory and its communities, main objects of this survey, will be addressed from different perspectives through the participation as tutors of some professionals in other disciplines: Dominico Licchelli (Education and Public Outreach Specialist, Osservatorio Astrofisico R.P.Feynman e Progetto POLARIS), Aria Spinelli and Maria Pecchioli (Independent researcher/curator and artist, Radical Intention); Michele Romanelli (Psychologist, Humus Interdisciplinary Residence) and Massimo Carozzi (Artist, Zimmerfrei).

The six months of residency foresee three cycles of research on the territory (September-October / November-December 2018 and late February 2019) of Gagliano del Capo and the production of a final publication with further intervention by Elena Mazzi + Rosario Sorbello and Romina De Novellis already part of the previous cycle of residences.

Sino all Fine del Mare (2018-2019) is a project organized by Ramdom with the support of MiBAC and SIAE, within the program Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura.



The territory is a living organism with its own identity, history, peculiarities. Features two types of landscapes, the natural and the human one, both sensitive to environmental and artificial pressures.

For this second edition of the project, which is part of the broader analysis that goes under the title Investigation of Extreme Lands, one of the main subjects researched by Ramdom from the early 2014, we will emphasise the concept of the extreme as an anthropological attitude with reference to the place.

Will not only be the place in his (obvious) geographic determination to determin the path of the artists invited, but also their relationship as “strangers” with the locals.

The project will try to understand how these relationships are digested through the use of language as a potential conflict, misunderstanding and, latent value.

The residency arises therefore as an aim, through the different practices and approaches to the work of the selected artists, to create a new mapping of the area of Capo di Leuca. A sort of survey of the “stumbles” provided by the territory, or better of the missing spaces and gaps between things bringing the experience of knowledge toward its most extreme limit without necessarily complete it.

This new narrative will be the key through which the artists will open a horizontal and fluid confrontation with the territory and its communities. Traditions, legacy and rituals will also be key references. Ties with the new first and second generations will be reinterpreted under a more recent perspective.