Serena Porrati

Born in 16.2.1981 in Milan.
Serena Porrati graduated in Art and Technology at the Academy of Fine Art of Brera (Milan) and she worked and studied at the Visual Art Department.
Her work has been selected in occasion of several shows and festivals like Milano Noir e Giald, c/o La Fabbrica del Vapore curated by Agenzia X (Milan), Good Luck vs. Bad Luck” curated by ZERO (Istanbul), Viaggi in immagini” curated by Francesda di Nardo. She received severals awards: “La seconda luna” prize, Fair_Play film and video award.
She is co-curator of the project 222222The Saddest Music in the World: an experimental art experience set inspired on Milan’s suburban landscape.
She has been selected to take part of the 2011 BJCEM. Serena works and lives in Milan.

PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR DEFAULT: La prossima volta che vedete uscire un “sorcio”  dal tombino, ringraziatelo, anche da parte mia

About Serena Porrati’s Work