Natascha Hagenbeek (under construction)

Born 17.12.1970 in Leusden.
Her conceptual work, long term interdisciplinary projects, is based on her interest in authenticity, and what FREEDOM IN TODAY’S CULTURE means. The question how to remain authentic in a society ruled by fixed standards is essential to all her work. She has exhibited her work in the Netherlands at CBK Dordrecht, CASCO, and at site-specific places. And in Lithuania at the Baltic Triennial (CAC Vilnius). She has done trendresearch for Future Concept Lab (IT) and Levi Strauss. She has set up the fashion label PARIS FASHION made by “amateurs” together with fashion designer Maaike Gottschal. Currently she is developing the project I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MY TWO HANDS which consists of an community garden and a shop placed in the artist’s own neighbourhood. Building a network around an ideological subject like urban gardening enables her to take the lead again in determining a goal for regenerating the place where we live.
Natascha Hagenbeek lives and works in Amsterdam.