Sonàrie. Waiting Garden – Antonio De Luca

Curated by Ramdom.

Itineraries and places to listen. Permanent public art installation.

Inauguration on the 29th of July 2017.

 A place for waiting marked and routed by the sound, where the body listens to design its extension and crosses its invisible border. It’s the resonant expansion, which tailors the inside and outside. The resonant scenery and the silent time of waiting: here, the listening is for making an emptiness and to live in it. The intervention of De Luca unravels behind Lastation, next to the Railway track, among pathways and corners third landscape, which invite you to experience and to stay, to live those places by listening.

Nests and sound devices, which capturing the wind make sounds, which weave together melancholic details, a resonant flow becoming mutable. The installation resumes, aesthetically and conceptually, the traditional element of the “luminaria” (previously reinterpreted by Carlos Casas for Ramdom), but not the light is the main element, rather the sound. The lights are switching on only in the presence of power, the Sonàrie are celebrating the wind, in ways and directions more than ever unpredictable. The place for listening is the listening of the place.