Remapping Extreme Land – Alessandro Carboni

positioning# video
video by Alessandro carboni
duration: 07:54min
direction and action: Alessandro Carboni
camera: Abdi Yacine Benseddik
produced by Ramdom, Progetto GAP. Gagliano del capo, 2014.

In positioning# the artist investigates the territory of Salento, in particular the area around Gagliano del Capo, applying EM Tools, a choreographic method for performing art and urban mapping developed by the artist himself. The body is used as a device through which to capture, extract urban events and map what happens in a place in its geometric and temporal dimensions. The method makes it possible to manage those events, embody them and reconfigure them with choreographic thought. The result is a body map made of postures, shapes and body gestures.


drops&folds# soundtrack
by Alessandro Carboni
recordings, composition and mixing: Alessandro Carboni
final mastering: Giuseppe Aledda, Golia Studio
produced by Ramdom, Progetto GAP. Gagliano del capo, 2014
support: Lp/vinyl
duration: 13min:15sec

Drops and Folds is an immersive soundwork entirely created and reworked from the field-recording collected by Alessandro Carboni along the coast from Santa Maria di Leuca and Gagliano del Capo. The work explores the underwater soundscapes of the sea, caves, and cliffs and situated along the coast. The artist proposes an experimental cartography practice engaging the body as main tool for mapping and sound collection. The result is an subjective interpretation that pretends to expand the way we experience landscape. It aspires to engage ‘the unkown’, observational and reflective realms offered to sense the relation within body and landscape beyond rationality and purpose. Drops and Folds is part of remapping extreme land# a project by Alessandro Carboni, produced by Ramdom, Progetto GAP. Gagliano del capo, 2014.