The territory is a living organism, with its own identity, history and peculiarities. It is characterized by two types of landscape, the natural and the human, both sensitive to environmental and artificial forces.

The project is part of the broader analysis entitled Investigation on the Extreme Lands, a reference theme in the research path of Ramdom since 2014, seeks to emphasize the concept of extreme as an anthropological arrangement with respect to the place.

It is not only the place in its (obvious) geographical determination that marks the path of the invited artists, but also their relationship, as “strangers”, with the locals.

In this case the project tries to understand how these relationships are digested through the use of language as a place of potential conflict, value and latent misunderstanding.

Therefore, the aim of residency, through the different practices and approaches to the work of the selected artists, is to create a new mapping of the territory of the Cape of Leuca. A mapping aimed at restoring the “stumbling blocks” of the territory, or rather the missing spaces and gaps that are between things, thus bringing the experience of knowledge to its most extreme limit without necessarily filling it.

This new narration of the territory is openly confronted, along the entire path of residence and at specific times, with its local communities in a fluid and horizontal way as well as with traditions, rites and places of belonging. The ties with the new first and second generations will show the ability to reinterpret these aspects in a more current key.