SDFM 2019: Final performances

After the first two phases of work ended respectively in October and December, Sino alla fine del Mare, Residenze artistiche nelle Terre Estreme, project supported by SIAE | Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura eMiBAC, reopens for the third and final phase of work.


While the first phase, in some ways the most delicate, was based on the need to establish coordinates and codes in a very short and deliberately slow time that has necessarily led to forcing the relationships between the artists, the territory and its Landscape (geographic and anthropological) generating an experience that aimed at gather information and knowledge of different nature; the second one has seen a deepening of the theme of the landscape through different  tools and angle put to disposition by external professionals (tutors).

With Michele Romanelli (Psychologist), in fact, the artists investigated the conflicting definition of territory and community; with Radical Intention (Maria Pecchioli and Aria Spinelli), using an experimental methodology, the possibility of tracing a possible relationship between the extreme earth of the real and the extreme earth of the dream; and finally with Massimo Carozzi the sound dimension. A dimension that, albeit devoid of images, has paradoxically enlarged its emotional power and, in the absence of precise geographical indications, has shifted the plan from a particular to a universal narrative.


The third phase aims instead to give back, almost as an act of gratitude to the territory that has hosted us for about six months, the experience made in a form of presentation aimed at involving the citizens of Gagliano del Capo themselves.

Riccardo Giacconi + Carolina Valencia Caicedowill present, in the form of a collective walk, the beginning of a radio documentary titled Scarcagnulias part of a long-term project on soundscapes and oral testimonies of specific communities; Lia Cecchinwill present O.L.G.A, an installation that activates with the participation of locals and that, using a pre-existing app (FlashFace) to do identikit, addresses the topic of memory starting from the strong migratory past that has seen the past generations moving elsewhere to look for better life condition.


This phase will then see the presentation of the performance/lecture En Route to the South-parallel migrationsby Elena Mazzi + Rosario Sorbelloas part of an ongoing project that the two artists are developing since 2015. A project based on the juxtaposition between the practice of nomadic beekeeping and the phenomenon of human migration.


All artists will finally be involved in a public discussion about their work, moderated by curators Claudio Zecchiand Paolo Mele, at Lastation.


The third phase residency will be closed with two music performances by Donato Epiroand Roberto Memoli.


The entire project will finally be documented in a publication that has the ambition, on the one hand, to focus on the last months residency with four original editorial projects specifically made by all the artists invited, and on the other hand, try to sew the five years research on the so-called Extreme Lands. The book will be published by editor Viaindustriae.



Sino all Fine del Mare(2018-2019) is a project organized by Ramdom with the support of MiBATand SIAE, within the program Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani,per la cultura.




February 22nd 12.00

Frantoio Ipogeo, Via Fratelli Ciardo, 98

En Route to the South – parallel migrationsperformance/lecture di Elena Mazzi+Rosario Sorbello



February 23rd

Bar 2000, 16.30

Scarcagnuli, walk listening with Riccardo Giacconi + Carolina Valencia Caicedo


Bar Central, 6pm

O.L.G.A. Lia Cecchin



February 24th,

Lastation 4:30 pm

Public conversation with curators Claudio Zecchi and Paolo Mele and the artists


Lastation, 6:30 pm

Music performances by Donato Epiro and Robero Memoli