Scarcagnuli – Valencia Caicedo, Giacconi

Scarcagnuli is a radio documentary aimed at the continuation of a long-term research on sound landscapes and oral testimonies of specific communities. As in the previous radio-documentaries made in Bienno and Barbagia, also at Capo di Leuca the artists have worked on the sound exploration of places, recording conversations, ambient sounds, music and archive materials, with the intent to weave a sound portrait of this “extreme land”.
The work was presented in the first instance in the form of an audio installation, a sort of “cinema without images”, and then as a “radio” appointment broadcast every day for half an hour at the same time at Bar 2000.
The work was preceded by a part of research that lasted about six months and developed in the form of open dialogue and constant confrontation with the territory and its inhabitants; a process in which personal stories, for their ability to interweave with tradition, folklore and local rituals, become universal.