Ramdom guest at “Call to the Arts. Forum Online 2020”

Ramdom participates in the Forum of Italian contemporary art “Call to the Arts. Forum Online 2020”.

On the eve of the beginning of the new phase of health emergency, the Forum of Italian Contemporary Art issued a communiqué in which it questioned the future of art in our country, the operational capacity of the great museum and theatre institutions, the survival of the non-profit circuit, vital and indispensable for contemporary artistic research, and above all the position of art operators: artists, curators, critics, gallery owners, educators, technicians. These are indispensable actors for the survival of a sector of enormous importance for the cultural, social and economic life of the country.

The dystopian void of museums without works, libraries without books and silent theatres seems at least in part to confirm itself as an alarming reality at the moment of this initial resumption of activities. The term artists, in the lexicon of politicians and officials, seems to refer mostly to the artists of the performing arts. While the performing arts world has shown itself capable of demanding and obtaining some concrete answers to its demands, the visual arts world is still neglected in the maneuvers to relaunch cultural economies.

In an open confrontation with a wide range of interlocutors, the Contemporary Art Forum therefore proposes a debate to elaborate proposals to be put on the table with public administrations, which will allow the desired implementation of urgent support and defence policies on the medium and long term of skills and knowledge put in check by the current contingency and structural weakness of the Italian art system.

. . .
An online Forum has opened the works, with the following modalities:

– The holding of six working tables lasting about three weeks, composed of artists, curators, directors of art institutions, scholars and operators in the sector and beyond.

– An open blog to collect interventions consistent with the debate and contribute to the work of the tables on: https://forumartecontemporanea.wordpress.com/

– An online plenary assembly, on 30 May, will gather the proposals elaborated in the working tables and will be open to interventions.