Ramdom at MAT-AIR 2019 | Come & Seed: growing new models of residence
At the end of the 2019 experience, what happened in the city and in the Basilicata region, in the places where the residency artists funded by the Foundation were hosted? What experiences were lived, what changes were started? How did the cultural inhabitants, and the temporary ones, react? What links have been strengthened with European artists?

Questions to which the protagonists of the Residencies project will respond. An in-depth look at the outputs of the individual projects, a mapping of the places used, the stories of the artists, the stakeholders, and the citizens involved.



• Friday 15 November 2019
• Saturday 16 November 2019
• from h 10.00 to h 19.00

• Palazzo del Casale
Via del Casale, 63 Matera (MT)


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