VUCCA. Sketches and field notes by Carlos Casas


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VUCCA. Sketches and field notes

by Carlos Casas.

Pressed cardboard box, screen-printed cover. 20 drawings reproduced in UV printing

Natural light is one of the elements that makes many of the caves that are created between the ravines of the east coast of Salento magical. In particular the Vucca de lu puzzu (Well mouth), in the eyes of the artist has appeared in all its magnificence and majesty. During his exploration, falling into this cave and banging his head on the rocks of this territory, Casas understood the intimate bond that binds caves (in the case of Vucca, the result of a long natural process), stones and lights to the most remote places of the human soul.
This box contains reproductions of preparatory sketches for the realization of the video work VUCCA.

Limited Edition, 1/25

ISBN 9788894285000