Lastation and Ramdom present OTEonline – a selection of audio-video artworks produced, promoted and selected among those belonging to the archive of the Osservatorio sulle Terre Estreme and in Ramdom’s collection. Due to the stop of our activities and stay at homes for the health emergency and the common good, Lastation and Ramdom invite you to travel and reflect on the complex and sometimes decadent beauty of the Apulian territory where we live and work.

We will do it thank to the artworks that artists have made during the period of residence spent in the Extreme Lands.

Starting from Monday, March 16th each artwork selected from OTE’s archive will be available for a week free view and listening on the Lastation website.

OTE gathers and makes available what Ramdom has produced since its foundation (2011) specifically since 2014, the year when the Investigation on the Extreme Lands program was launched.

For more info https://www.ramdom.net/en/mediateca/

OTEonline program starts with “Imaginary Holidays”, by Luca Coclite. You can watch it on Lastation website and on our vimeo official profile from today until Sunday 22 March.