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En Route to the South – Parallel migrations by artists Elena Mazzi and Rosario Sorbello is part of long-term research started in 2015. It is a project based on the juxtaposition between nomad beekeeping and human migration. En Route to the South – Parallel migrations, specifically addresses the condition of the beekeeping in the Capo di Leuca, forced to replace the traditional permanent farming method with that of nomadism due to economic, political and environmental choices – such as the monoculture of the olive tree, which compromised the biodiversity of the territory necessary for the production of honey.

From the elaboration of some texts on the phenomenon of migration and the practice of nomadic beekeeping, Elena Mazzi and Rosario Sorbello have created an audio that has taken the form of a two-part reading. Here the parallelism between the condition of migrants and that of beekeepers and their bees can be understood not only in the sense of the words read, but also in the progressive overlapping of the two voices.

This limited edition of 30 copies, was produced by Ramdom and created in collaboration with Museo Novecento Florence,on the occasion of the Duel – Elena Mazzi exhibition. Routes held from January 24 to June 29, 2020.

Wodden box, 13,2x20x2,5 cm
Publication, 10x15cm
Pen drive: Sound track performance 14’55”, + Photos