Noveau Grand Tour. The artistic residence of Insititut Francais d’Italie

In September and October 2022 the spaces of KORA – Centro del Contemporaneo will host 6 artists for the residency project Nuovo Grand Tour.

Conceived and designed by the Institut français d’Italie (IFI) / Ambassade de France en Italie, it is a residency project for young European talents under the age of thirty and deployed throughout Italy, through a network of partner institutions. This large-scale artistic programme, which is one of the main themes of the Quirinale Treaty, promotes cultural dialogue and European values of exchange and sharing.

This project stems from the desire to inaugurate a contemporary form of the 18th century tradition of the Grand Tour, which allowed young Europeans to travel from city to city to discover the artistic heritage. The new Grand Tour will offer selected young artists the opportunity to be accompanied in their creative process, without production constraints, and thus to come into contact with different local cultural actors.