Maria Pecchioli is an artist and filmmaker, activates interdisciplinary research paths around communities and the body as a tool for investigating the socio-political context through which to engage in social and aesthetic practices. The latest projects are related to queer culture and gender issues.

Aria Spinelli is an independent curator and researcher and a co-founding member of Radical Intention. She is currently conducting a PhD at Loughborough University (U.K) investigating  the relations between art and activism, with a focus on the work of Greek-French philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis.

Through research-driven approaches Radical Intention expands the horizon of possibilities for collective experiences / actions focusing on the affinity between social-political and artistic practice.

Collaborative research, activism, alternative education, meeting of the methodology and concepts of the group.

Maria Pecchioli and Aria Spinelli started Radical Intention in order to investigate new forms of interaction and exchange in the context of visual arts.

They aim to break the boundaries between public and private domains by trying to activate experiential and self-reflexive moments of sharing. Through simply practicing convivial debates, they created intense moments of knowledge exchange around the practice of art.

The groups have been defined by their interest and methodologies, used and furthered in each project by creating temporary situations of evolution and discovery.

Up until today, they have developed and developed new territories and places in their specificity, detaching themselves from a unique space of agency.