Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge
Evelyne was born in a small coastal village in Québec, Canada and pursued her studies in photography and electronic arts in Montreal (Canada), Hong Kong (China) and Alfred (New York, USA). Since 2012, she is a professor of photography and art at the University of Rochester (New York, USA).
Evelyne’s art practice focuses on the relationship between people and the ways they occupy space. Using lens based media as means to reflect upon and re-interpret everyday frames, she digitally deconstructed domestic and institutional spaces and the frames within––doors, windows, or walls. Hovering between the finite border of the real and the fictional, theatrical and mundane, spontaneous and directed, Evelyne creates manipulated scenes where narratives are compressed, compromised or suspended.
Les attentes—The Waiting is a multimedia project set in various locations around the world in which Evelyne aspires to portray places of unexpected encounters where tension and boredom cohabit: waiting rooms. From doctor offices to airports, she documents and examines the architecture of various waiting rooms and use these spaces—real and/or restaged—as sets for fictional stories and actions, investigating their potential to unfold in places of both, the everyday and the extraordinary.