En Route to the South – parallel migrations – Mazzi, Sorbello

En Route to the South – parallel migrations is a performance-lecture that is a further development of a research in progress that started in 2015. It is a project based on the juxtaposition between the practice of
nomadic beekeeping and the phenomenon of human migration. In the specific case of Gagliano del Capo and the Salento area, the project is developed around the condition of local beekeeping, which has been forced to replace the traditional method of sedentary farming with that of nomadism, due to economic, political and environmental management choices (olive tree monoculture) that have compromised the biodiversity of the territory necessary for the production of honey. From the elaboration of some theoretical texts about the phenomenon of migration and the practice of beekeeping, the artists present a performance-readings in which the two topics are treated through a unique narrative form, which also includes an action: the construction of a hive for nomadic beekeeping.