Drawing a New Memory

History: In his five years Cantieri d’Arte sought to investigate into the recesses of collective memory through contemporary art by developing antagonistic reactions, dissent but also attention, interest, remark and collaboration. Viterbo has been strongly marked by its history, its past has been the largest source of interest that the city has generated through the artists invited to participate with the production of specific works. As in recent Tarantino’s movie “Inglourious Bastards”, reread, reinterpreted, resampled, the past can be rebuilt into a version sometimes plausible but not necessarily truthful and reliable. The edition, a sort of an artist book on the ability to store, disassemble and reassemble memory, urban imaginary and identity through visual or narrative works, it’s a set of 12 different  brief tales “written” by selected artists who in recent years have already leaving, with their works, an indelible mark on the collective memory.

Credits: A second part summarize, through technical information, the entire history of the project from first to fifth edition. A short but intense flashback in black and white.