DEFAULT22 6th Edition


Floating Islands


RAMDOM with the institutional support of Presidenza del Consiglio Regionale della Puglia in the frame of the project “Formarti” and with the cultural partnership of Britto Arts Trust (Dhaka, Bangladesh), Cultural Documents (Oban, Scotland), Arthub (Shanghai, China), is calling for artists and researchers coming from different disciplines to take part in a 10-days group investigation aimed at ideas related to the concept of Floating Island.

Situated in the southern east Italy, Castrignano de’Greci and KORA – Contemporary Arts Center, poses as an ideal location for participants of the DEFAULT 22 (6th Edition) Masterclass in Residence to contribute to an investigation that goes under the title Floating Islands.


The masterclass is aiming at investigating the concept of inhabiting by the standpoint of a small village and liminal area switching its limits into strength.

At the theoretical basis of the proposal, the investigation into the possible utopian thrust that resides in “marginal movements” and collective (or collectively activated) work starting from two texts: “Realizable Utopias” (1974) by Yona Friedman and “Aldilà delle isole galleggianti” (“Beyond floating islands”) by Italian theater director Eugenio Barba.

Eugenio Barba writes: “[…] This town has long appeared to me as an archipelago. And its islands are like floating islands. I used a historical comparison: A minor episode in the history of the New World tells of men who fled to the safety of the mainland to lead a precarious life on floating islands. To remain faithful to their wishes, they built villages and cities, or miserable homes with a handful of land for gardens, where it seemed impossible to build and cultivate something: on water and in currents. They were men who, either out of personal necessity or because they were forced to, seemed destined to be anti-social and managed to create other models of sociality. The floating island is the earthly encounter that can get lost under your feet, but that can allow the encounter, the overcoming of personal limits.

But beyond the floating islands, what exists? What or who do you meet?”.

Floating islands are thus a sort of utopia that, in the words of Yona Friedman, we could define as achievable: “believing in a utopia and being realistic at the same time is not a contradiction,” a utopia is, par excellence, achievable “on condition to obtain the necessary collective consent because a Utopia imposed by force is no longer such”.

During working days participants will individually and collectively develop their research approach in workshops and seminar sessions. They will expand their network and exchange ideas with the support of the program curators, external guests and lecturers.

Conceived to encourage the research as a separate moment from the production, DEFAULT 22, will function as a platform where the participants are called to be individually and collectively engaged. The residency will serve as a laboratory and as an experience to nurture new forms of thoughts and approaches to the topic described in the concept above.


The process materials produced during the masterclass will be presented as part of the exhibition Paint your Village that will take place in July at KORA – Contemporary Arts Center.

The call is open to all disciplines: artists, curators, and researchers; or coming from other disciplines: writers, anthropologists, linguists, architects, urbanists, geographers and, professionals from scientific disciplines.

Working sessions will be in English.

This is an international call open to any artist or researcher of any nationality and at least 21 years of age / or with at least 3 years of experience in the art world.

Applications of mid-career artists are encouraged.

What Ramdom offers

-Food during the working session

-Working session with guest curators and professionals

-Exhibition of the process materials produced during the residency


Heba Y. Amin, Artist (Egypt)

Tayeba Begum Lipi, Artist, Founder of Britto Arts Trust (Bangladesh)

Alessandro Carboni, Artist (Italy)

Davide Quadrio, Director and founder of ArtHub (Hong Kong/Shanghai) and Director of MAO Museum of Asian Art, (Turin, Italy)

Active and collaborative participation to the program is mandatory. Participants are expected to stay in Castrignano de’Greci (LE) for the whole duration of the project (workshop and residency, from June 21st to July 1st 2022)

Candidates can submit their applications from March 1st to April 10th 2022.

The nine selected participants will be contacted via e-mail by end of April 2022 to confirm their participation and sign the Participation Agreement.


Applicants are invited to send an email to  with the Subject: “Application_Default 22” yourname&lastname” and the following attachments:

1. Application form completed with the required information (Annex A, online);

2. Artist Statement detailing how your practice relates to the concept proposed and your particular focus of interests, preferably detailing a previously realized project OR a paper on a theoretical subject related to the thematic framework (.doc or pdf format, max 500 words).

3. Copy of your Identity card or Passport (please make sure the expiration date is visible);

4. Curriculum Vitae (biography) with your personal data, your educational background and former artistic experiences (no more than 1 x A4 in .doc or pdf format);

5. Portfolio with images of recent works or links to the useful documentation (video, audio sketches, etc.) – max 5 images or 1MB/Video link Vimeo/YouTube or website;

6. Signed Release Note (Annex B)



From point 2 to point 5 in one single pdf

PLEASE NOTE that all the documents must be submitted in English. Other languages will not be admitted to the selection.


The winning applications will be determined by the selection committee based on the evaluation of: general presentation, creative vision, coherence between previous works and the topic of Default 22, critical perspective, and sustainability of new potential work.


Default 22 is a project conceived and curated by Ramdom

Instututional partners

Presidenza del Consiglio Regionale della Puglia

Cultural Partners

Britto Arts Trust (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Arthub (Shanghai, China)

Cultural Documents (Oban, Scottland)

Selection Committee:

Paolo Mele, Director and Founder of Ramdom

Claudio Zecchi, Artistic Director of Ramdom

Tayeba Begum Lipi, Artist, Co- founder and Trustee Britto Arts Trust (Bangladesh)

Vessel’s core curatorial team includes: Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro

Download the full call here