Default13 in Shanghai: Public panel



Public Panel – Art, Cities and regeneration.
The Role of Public Art In Asia and Europe

K11 art space (Shanghai K11 Art Mall, B3, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu)

With: Lewis Biggs, Bert de Muynck and Monica Carriço, Julia Mao, Paolo Mele, Davide Quadrio, Francesca Girelli

DEFAULT 13 is a collaborative project between European and Asian cultural institutions, focusing on the promotion of knowledge exchange concerning curatorial and artistic practices between the two continents.

The lecture held at K11 in Shanghai is the first public panel of six that will be organized between April and October 2013 in different cities across Europe and Asia that will address the relationship between contemporary art, cities and regeneration. On this occasion the lecturers will address, through their different professional experiences and backgrounds, the role of Public Art in Asia and Europe.

Based on specific case studies and examples brought by the invited lecturers, the panel will address the following topics:

– concepts and stereotypes involved in the cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe and in the creation of new perspectives of collaboration;

– issues related to the challenge of translation, not only from a semantic point of view but on a cross-cultural perspective linked to the notion of “transcultural” curator;

– the financial system of the art industry in Asia and in Europe, with a special focus on the role of foundations and private museums in Asia;

– the implications of politics in the cultural development in Asia;

– professional practices, formation and ethic codes;


The series of 6 events will be open to local audiences with the aim of increasing the awareness of the social role of art through the experience of skilled professionals. The talks  and the Masterclass itself, is to develop and strengthen an international platform to foster mobility and international collaborations.

The panels and lectures will lead to the DEFEAULT 13 ten-day Masterclass to be held in September 2013 in Lecce, Italy. The Masterclass will host eighteen creative practitioners and artists (9 Asian and 9 European) who will share and develop their research approach in intensive workshops and seminar sessions, expanding their networks and exchange know-how with the support of leading curators, artists, art managers and representatives of cultural and artistic organizations from both Europe and Asia.


DEFAULT 13 is organized by Ramdom (Lecce, Italy) in collaboration with Arthub Asia (Shanghai, China) and with the support of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Arts Network Asia (ANA) and Trans Europe Halles (TEH) as part of the program Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe.


Date: 16th April 2013, 7-9pm

Language: English and Chinese

Participants: Lewis Biggs, Bert de Muynck and Monica Carriço, Julia Mao, Paolo Mele, Davide Quadrio

Moderator: Francesca Girelli

Venue: K11 art space (Shanghai K11 Art Mall, B3, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu)



– Lewis Biggs, Freelance Curator, Writer and Cultural Consultant

He has previously worked as Director of the Liverpool Biennial, 2000-2011, and as Director of Tate Liverpool (1990-2000). He has been commissioning art for public spaces in a regeneration context since co-curating ‘Artranspennine’ with Robert Hopper in 1998.

– Bert de Muynck and Monica Carriço, Founders of Moving Cities

MovingCities is a Shanghai-based think-thank investigating the role that architecture and urbanism play in shaping the contemporary city. During the past years MovingCities has conducted research, lectures, creative consultancy and workshops in China, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland and Indonesia.

– Julia Mao 毛文采, Director of Purple Roof Gallery, Shanghai

Purple Roof Gallery is truly an art entity founded in 2007 dedicated to art and cultural development, curatorial and consultation. The entity has since invested to promote young talents in China and as well established proven record and recognition in field of public art thru collaborations with Int’l art institutions and global well known artists. Purple Roof has its own atelier established in Shanghai to assist and facilitate creations of artworks by artists.

– Paolo Mele, Director of Ramdom and coordinator of the Default Project

Ramdom is an association working on cultural and artistic production, on international mobility and on research and development of new communication languages. Ramdom aims to promote and diffuse creative and innovative practices in the field of culture and art interacting with citizens and, private and public, national and international, organizations.

– Davide Quadrio , Director and Founder of Arthub Asia

After founding and managing for a decade BizArt Art Centre in Shanghai and, subsequently, Arthub Asia since 2007, Davide Quadrio organized hundreds of exhibitions, educational activities and exchanges in China and abroad, developing relationships with local and foreign institutions worldwide.


Francesca Girelli – Researcher and Project Manager at Arthub Asia.

Funded in 2007, Arthub Asia is a platform created to organize, curate and support artistic endeavors in Asia and worldwide.

In collaboration with museums as well as with public and private institutions, Arthub initiates and delivers ambitious art projects through a sustained dialogue with visual, performance, and new media artists.