Default 19 – the publication

Default is an international biennial masterclass project born in 2011 in the midst of a global systemic crisis (political and economic-financial) with the intention of encouraging experimental educational formats with a research-oriented approach.

The following editions (2015-2017-2019), with the relocation of the operational base of Ramdom near Gagliano del Capo near Lastation, have seen the conjunction with the broader reflection and heart of Ramdom’s research on the theme of the Extreme Land.

If the first four editions have not the last one the time of the final production through the realization of real exhibitions, thus testing the artists in a moment of maximum fragility when the idea is not yet formally completed, the 2019 edition has tried to operate as a platform aimed at freeing the moment of research from the moment of the actual production, ensuring among them a state of decompression. The final result is a publication.