Luca Coclite

Luca Coclite (1981, Gagliano del Capo, LE, IT)

Luca Coclite’s personal research focuses on the analysis of the contemporary image, in dialogue with the landscape and architecture, as a ground on which to investigate various sociological factors that arise. For several years now, he has been observing the landscape around him and with it the contradictions inherent in political and social aspects, especially in areas undergoing transformation. For his works, he resorts to the use of different visual languages, preferring drawing, photography and video. In 2011, together with Paolo Mele, he co-founded the association Ramdom, promoter of the masterclass in residence DEFAULT and the residence project Survey on extreme lands. In 2015, together with the Ramdom association, he recovered the first floor of the Gagliano del Capo train station and co-founded Lastation, the control room for the artistic and cultural promotion of the Cape of Leuca. As an artist he participates in various residency programs including Legàmi at the Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires or, thanks to the scholarship of NCTM and L’Arte, at the Experimental Intermedia in New York. He won several awards including VAA-VIDEOART AwARDS in Capetown, South Africa, in 2018. He is currently involved in various artistic and curatorial projects such as the collective Casa a Mare, together with Giuseppe De Mattia and Claudio Musso; the Studioconcreto research studio co-founded with Laura Perrone. His work has been exhibited in various foundations and museums such as the Galleria Nazionale in Rome and the Fondazione del Monte in Bologna.