Arachne – Romina De Novellis

Arachne is a research work with a strong ethnographic matrix that took place between February and June 2018 at Lastation and formally translated into a performance. A walk that saw the artist and a group of women who spontaneously joined in during the journey from Galatina to Santa Maria di Leuca. The performance was filmed and documented with photographs that are an integral part of the final project.
The work is an analysis, through the body, of contemporary tarantate and the female gender in Salento and in the context of the Mediterranean.
Arachne is therefore not only a performative action or a conceptual and aesthetic exercise that feeds the artistic research, but also a participatory observation that testifies to a personal anthropological interpretation of the tarantate.
contemporary in the perspective of an Italy squashed between Europe and the Mediterranean. An observation that includes the social, cultural and political dynamics into which Salento and its women inevitably fit, even though they are unaware.