Angeliki Tzortzakaki – #ramdomresidency

From 28 August until 6 September Lastation will host Angeliki Tzortzakaki, (b. 1990, Heraklion, Greece) a curator currently based in Amsterdam. Her research investigates ecologies of self-organization,  hospitality, agency, economies of knowledge production, and friendships as ongoing processes of becoming ‘otherwise.’ Attempting non-disciplinarity, Tzortzakaki is often led by a practice-based approach to theory rambling in-between text, movement and notes on the dramaturgy of daily life. She has studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, and at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

During her residency in Lastation she is planning to research idle talk and oral storytelling from their performative aspect. Following the lecture performance Last night I dreamt of being on an island not far from here (Rotterdam, December 2019) this part of the research in Gagliano del Capo will explore further the possibility of imagining insular landscapes as temporary spaces of desire.

In the book Beyond Women’s Words oral storytelling is considered by feminist historians a powerful tool for cross-generational knowledge dissemination among sisters, girlfriends and (grand)mothers. Connected via secret appointments and shifting and relational processes of gathering, the nourishment of communal forms that encourage fluid knowledge dissemination puts a question mark on what is to count as political work or activism in our everyday lives: how do these micro-scoping moments contribute to a sense of collectivity that today’s abstract and fragmented relationships cannot reach? How do these myriads of links between ”lives tangled up together in complexity” create friendships that can become potentially radical and radically potential?

In response to that, her aim is to study further the economies of knowledge production, its contribution to forming alliances in insular territories where idle talk becomes a mode of resilience and strength and gossip produces meaning beyond its current sexist connotation of antagonism.

The residency project is supported by the program Custodiamo la cultura in Puglia by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and Regione Puglia – Fondo Speciale per la Cultura e Patrimonio Culturale L.R. 40 art. 15 comma 3 – Investiamo nel vostro futuro.