About culural projects.

On November the 11th, at 5 p.m., at the ARTcore Gallery, Bari (Italy), will be held the vessel’s first autumn meeting.

Focused on art projects and on the creation of new cultural contexts in marginal areas, the meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the value of cultural planning and building of cultural bridges: what are the goals, motivations and perspectives of this activities?

The discussion will see the partecipation, among others, of Anna Santomauro (vessel), Saul Marcadent (Limnos Freshwater Tools), Paolo Mele (Ramdom) and Patrick Waldo (Managing Instability).

The day will culminate in a brainstorming session on vessel’s incubator that will start its activities this season, a moment of debate with regard to the need to establish new partnerships and new channels of interaction between cultural actors active in the Puglia Region.

Autumn Inspiration #1
Let’s talk about cultural projects with Saul Marcadent, Paolo Mele, Patrick Waldo

11 november 2011 – 5 p.m.
ARTcore Gallery
Via De Rossi 94 – 70122 Bari (Italy)

Saul Maradent. Curator, he lives and works near Treviso. Specially interested in independent publishing he collaborates with non profit organizations and private institutions. Co-founder of Limno, a platform that investigates the themes of nature – and of natures- through meetings, videos and by rethinking places.

Paolo Mele deals with cultural management and communication. As president of the Ramdom association on 2011 he has been working on the project “Default: masterclass in residence su arte, città e riqualificazione”. Since 2008 he collaborates with Bjcem (Biennale de la Mediterranée) and with other international organisations. He founded the Osservatory of political communication in Lecce and the cooperative PAZ. Info at www.paolomele.eu

Patrick Waldo is a dual masters candidate at Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College of Public Policy and Management Masters of Arts Management program and the University of Bologna School of Economics Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts program. He received his bachelor’s in Art History with honors at Grinnell College in Iowa. He has worked at the National Gallery in Prague as a lecturer and presented his research at the Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids, IA on Alfons Mucha and Czech identity. Prior to pursuing his masters he lived in Italy for two years teaching English.  He also moonlights as a programmer and has a couple patent applications under his belt.  While a student, he became the Associate Director of Production & Technology at Future Tenant in Pittsburgh and he dreams of starting up a similar creative space in Bologna where he currently studies.

ARTcore is a contemporary art gallery, a space for solo or collective exhibition,  but also the venue for workshop dedicated to children, teens and art lovers, a place for round-table discussion, conferences and meetings about art and culture. It’s an active and open gallery which tries to go on along the principles of welcome, meeting and knowledge that featured I LOW ART. It’s a kind of cultural container that is ready to change according to new events, it’s a borderland between contemporary art and its comprehension through knowledge. www.artcore.it