A-Journal. Art and planning in public sphere.

A_journalA-Journal. Art and planning in public sphere.

A-Journal is a publishing space, that hosts texts and visual contributions by artists, curators, architects, theoricians and activists, designed as a platform for research and discussion on the relationship between art and public domain in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, in dialogue with European and extra-European contexts where similar problems, tensions and needs continue to generate experimental artistic paths in the public sphere.

In Southern Italy, where Archiviazioni mainly works, artistic, theoretical and interdisciplinary projects are taking shape that aim at stimulate a shift towards a wider awareness about the central role that the individuals and the communities can play in the management and the creation of public space, reinforced by an historical-critical analysis of art and cultural expressions in Southern Italy as a political, social and economical form of protest and dissent, from the sixties until today.

These paths reply to a growing demand for social-cultural, political and economical change, which, in its different acceptations and dimensions, is materializing with massive actions of protests from Middle East, towards Maghreb and South America.

In this frame the analysis of the imaginative and cognitive forms of subjugation of cultural and environmental bio-diversities, that leads to the impoverishment of our psychological and physical ability to survive systems’ crisis, it’s essential.

A-Journal / issue #0 is the outcome of Diaphasis, the mobile editorial unit that Archiviazioni sets up on the occasion of the residency at Corniolo Art Platform 2012. Artists, curators and experts of other disciplines that work about or in the Southern Italy met together in order to elaborate forms of collaborations and regional cooperation. A-Journal / issue #0 collects the different active voices around the theoretical and practical experimentation on art, public space and public domain, as place for documentation, research, monitoring, planning and as tool of diffusion.

A section entitled Reconnaissance also includes interventions of scholars, artists and activists which do not have participated at Diaphasis, but that present projects and texts about the recent experiences related to public space and the sense of place.


A-Journal / issue #0

by Archiviazioni


Edited by Giusy Checola and Pietro Gaglianò

Editorial staff: Giusy Checola, Pietro Gaglianò, Diego Segatto

Contributors: Federico Bacci, Angelo Bianco, Giusy Checola, Leone Contini, Gaetano Cunsolo, Valentina Dessì, Fare Ala, Pietro Gaglianò, Lucia Giardino, Bernardo Giorgi, Daniele Guadalupi, Fritz Haeg, Rosa Jijon, Terry Kurgan, Lab.Pro.Fab., Ilaria Lupo, Juan Pablo Macias, Zen Marie, Ilaria Mariotti, Paolo Mele, Marialuisa Menegatto, Marlon Miguel, Museo delle Migrazioni di Lampedusa e Linosa, Kalliopi Nikolou, Paolo Parisi, Maria Pecchioli, Alessandra Poggianti, Katiuscia Pompili, Susanna Ravelli, Diego Segatto, Mirko Smerdel, Marina Sorbello, studio203, Stefano Taccone, Enrico Vezzi, Adriano Zamperini.

152 pages – Italian / English version

Book design by Diego Segatto

Available on archiviazioni.org/public/a-journal

Digital print on demand at info@archiviazioni.org