The fifth step: China | Sunhoo Industrial Design Innovation Park

The project’s fifth stage ( will take place in Sunhoo Industrial Design Innovation Park in China from 5th to 25th August, and it will be inspired by the Arenzano Manifesto’s fifth thesis: A relevant part of the meaning in life consists of finding, acknowledging and expressing the connection between life itself and nature

Encouraging the interaction of art, design and culture with the local environment, Creatives in residence 2012 welcome 30 international artists, designers, writers and creative people to enter in contact with Zhejiang, its cultural, economic, and natural resources, developing art and design works, reflecting on global economic processes as well as appreciating Chinese traditional culture (

A peculiar landscape characterizes Zhejiang: an incredible concentration of factories as well as huge extensions of green lands and abundance of water. One of the most industrial areas of China is at the same time one of the richest of natural parks, forests and lakes. Many of these landscapes are the ones that inspired the most famous artists and writers in the past centuries in China and still have great influence on the special relation with Chinese traditional culture that you can breathe here.

Journey into Fragility is an itinerant project conceived by the artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra, and inspired by “Carta di Arenzano per la Terra e per l’Uomo” – the “Arenzano Manifesto for the Earth and the Human Being” conceived and created by Massimo Morasso. The Manifesto’s twelve thesis have inspired twelve different projects in as many countries around the world (February 2012 – January 2013), with the aim of developing an active dialogue on the environment and on the value of life on Earth.