Sergio Racanati

Born 23.9.1982 in Bisceglie (Bari, Italy).

Sergio is living and working in Milan. He graduated at the European School of Design (Milan) with  a dissertation on Apulia and Apulia Motel S’clero.In 2010 he participated in Twister visiting Artist to reflect about the issue of museum networking in Lombardy. He recently took part to the workshop “Il litorale, l’ultima frontiera” curated by vessel (Bari) with Rosa Jijon, and he participated in the Residence project a “Monte” in Montescaglioso (Matera) and “MANUFATTOinSITU / 5” at the Parco Dell’Arte di Cancelli ( Foligno). His latest work “resilience” face the condition of resistence in a  territory that is going to be occupied by new form of economical occupation in which the example of squatting Baracche Ribelli represents the effort by ten years  to resist through the decolonization of some lands nearby the north of Bari area.


About Sergio Recanat’s works