PHOTOGRAPHY, NARRATION E CINEMA – How to tell throught the images – Photographic Workshop with Simone Martinetto


The association Ramdom organizes the workshop “Photography, Narration and Cinema – How to tell through the images”. The workshop is curated by the famous photographer Simone Martinetto and aims to show and teach how to use the photography as a storytelling tool and how to overcome the idea to create only “a beauty photo” developing the skill to narrate through different kind of images such as photo with an evocative power, photographic sequences, scene and behind the scenes photographs for the cinema.


The workshop merges technical, theoretical and practical parts in order to develop the ability to realize photographic images with a deep and rich meaning. The three parts are strongly correlated during the workshop and are not treated singularly. The workshop program, therefore, wants to reinforce knowledge and competences in three fields:


–      theoretical: it is based on reflections and observations on the thoughts of famous photographers and image philosophers but, also, poets and writers searching for illustrative and metaphoric stories to guide the participants path.


–      technical: it aims to analyze the basic photographic technique in order to understand the consequence of technical choices on a picture and to examine the printing and the post-production aspects. Specific exercises to recognize the technique hidden in some interesting photographic works are also included.


–      pratical: through a set of ad-hoc practical exercises, the participants learn to look with an higher attention, to choose and organize in sequences its photographic works and to create a portfolio to better show the own images.


All the exercises aim to understand the meaning to shift from a single image to a photographic sequence allowing to the participants to understand how locate their photographic passion in the personal and work fields.

During the workshop also the professional profiles (i.e. Scene photographer, Cinematographic operator, Photography director), in the middle between photography and cinema, will be analyzed and discussed.


Participants receive a certificate of attendance.






Lecce (IT), the place has to be established.



23rd – 26th June (18 hours), cost 170 euro, 150 euro for University students

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: 31st May 2011. The workshop will be held with a minimum of 7 participants.


Simone Martinetto is born in Turin and lives between Turin, Bologna and the rest of Italy. Artist and professional photographer, he has exhibited his works in almost forty exhibitions, collective and individual, in Italy and abroad.

Among his artistic works, the most important to cite are: “Senza la memoria” (Without Memory) telling the story of Valentina grandmother, of her problems to remember for more than two minutes and of the thousands of notes in her house; “Viaggiatori” (Voyagers) about the return flight of the carrier pigeons; and “Della stessa materia dei sogni” (Of the same material of the dreams), a work on the closed-eyes dreams built around speaking photographs.

From 2005, he mainly works as scene photographer for the cinema. Among his movies, there are: “La solitudine dei numeri primi” (The Solitude of Prime Numbers) of Saverio Costanzo with Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Marinelli and Isabella Rossellini; “L’industriale” (The industrialist) of Giuliano Montaldo with Pierfrancesco Favino and Carolina Crescentini; “Matrimoni e altri disastri” (Marriage and others disasters) of Nina di Majo with Margherita Buy; “Il 7 e l’8” (The 7 and the 8 ) of Avellino, Ficarra and Picone; and “L’ispettore Coliandro” (The Inspector Coliandro) of Manetti Bros.

His photographs are published on the main Italian journals and he has received many awards (i.e. “Portfolio 2004 – Gran premio Epson Italia” for the best work of the year; “Giovane talento fotografico FNAC 2004”; “Premio Portfolio in Piazza 2004 a Savignano”; “CliCiak 2007 and 2011 Premio per fotografi di scena”; and “Premio Arte Plurale 2007” as teacher for a laboratory in Turin with mental disabled persons).

He is represented in the gallery Claudio Bottello Contemporary of Turin.

He has obtained a degree in Eesthetics Philosophy in Bologna with a thesis on photography supervised by the professor and theoretician Claudio Marra. From several years, he combines the photographic practical activities with a passion for teaching photography in small photography schools and during workshop for cultural associations.