What’s the South? Walks and encounters between art and memory 


Walks and encounters between art and memory 

18-19th  and 25-26th of May 2019
Gagliano del Capo (Lecce) 

Come and discover the charm of the extreme land strip of south-east Italy. We will offer you an authentic viewpoint of Capo di Leuca, in which artisan tradition and natural heritage relate to the world of performing art, creating a dialogue that is not obvious at all. On the calendar, please note four events—between excursions, happenings, guided tours—in which contemporary culture emerges as a way of exchange and knowledge of the memory that belongs to these places.
The activities are divided by weekends, 18/19th  and 25/26th of May 2019, and will involve the areas of Gagliano del Capo, S.M. of Leuca and Ciolo village.
For each scheduled activity there will be a tasting of typical local products. 

“Tu non conosci il sud” is made possible thanks to the support of the ARET Pugliapromozione Regional Agency of Tourism.

Schedule of Activities 

1st Weekend 

18/05: “Canyon del Ciolo”– starts at 16:00 

           Place: Gagliano del Capo, LE 

 This fantastic excursion is an immersive journey through nature and history. The route will start with the exploration of the trekking path, we will discover a petrified coral reef, prehistoric caves, and the very particular flora that inhabits the high walls of this canyon until we reach the top from which we can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea. Next, at the cultural centre Lastation, we will taste infusions and liqueurs whose ingredients are the plants that grow spontaneously on the local coasts together with the sound performance by Aaltra (Lecce). 

19/05: “Gagliano Sotterranea”- starts at 10:30

   Place: Gagliano del Capo, LE

Don’t miss the discovery of this hidden gem in the centre of Gagliano del Capo: an ancient underground oil mill. After listening to the story related to this mysterious place, of the harsh work environments and lifestyle of the millers, we will witness a performance that recalls the theme of nomadic beekeeping.

2nd Weekend

25/05: “Scarcagnuli” – starts at 17:00

   Place: Gagliano del Capo, LE

An exploratory walk with Riccardo Giacconi and Carolina Caicedo in order to map the memory and tell stories about popular culture through interviews with members of the Gaglianese community. The forgotten stories, personal life stories and popular superstitions will be brought to light and will be given back to the community through listening (performative moment) of the radio documentary. Giacconi and Caicedo have recognized in the Capo di Leuca the possibility of continuing their long-term research on soundscapes and oral testimonies of specific communities by creating a radio documentary already presented at the Bar 2000 as a “cinema without images”.

26/06: “Parco Narrativo di Fine Terra. Storie di Mare e di Vino” –  17:00

            Place: Santa Maria di Leuca, Punta Ristola (LE)

A theatrical walk along the south-eastern coast of Italy, Leuca. Starting from Punta Ristola, myths and legends related to this strip of land will be told, continuing with historical tales and moments that link the city to the artists who lived it. The itinerary will end with a visit to an ancient crypt and with a tasting of local wines. The event is in collaboration with Sherazade.


Ramdom is an organization devoted to cultural and artistic production and it is based in Gagliano del Capo (LE, Italy). It was founded in 2011 by curator Paolo Mele and artist Luca Coclite with the aim of providing international coverage to contemporary art projects produced in dialogue with the local territory of Salento, such as Research on the Extreme Lands and DEFAULT, through exhibitions, public art installations, residences, workshops and meetings. Lastation, its operational base and exhibition space, is located on the first floor of the Gagliano – Leuca railway station, the last one active in the south-east of Italy. 

Lastation, the last train station on the south-east side of Italy is the hub for the artistic and cultural promotion of Capo di Leuca. A reference point for the local community and for an international public. Lastation offers services that make the community a protagonist in the exploration and knowledge of the territory: an exhibition and residence space, a hub for mobility, a meeting place, a space for work and hospitality. Lastation is the beating heart of the extreme lands.

Sherazade is a cultural association born in Gagliano del Capo in 2013 with the aim of devising and putting into practice innovative forms of promotion and knowledge of the identity of the territory. The hallmark of Sherazade is given by the propensity to seek unexplored, participatory and sustainable methods to promote the identity of the places of Salento and Puglia. Above all, the Association engages in a narrative work of regeneration of the vast cultural heritage of the territory. The association won the regional competition “Principi Attivi”, and thus created the Sherazade application, the first digital storyteller at a national level, an innovative tool to explore the territory.  

Aaltra is a (non) multi-purpose space dedicated to audiovisual research and to adventurous sound languages. It has been operating since February 2018 in the Lecce area as a container and incubator of projects with a local impact through active collaboration with artists and with local, national and international cultural operators. The main objective of the Aaltra project is to make Lecce a vital fulcrum for all communication experiences that have as a common denominator sound experimentation, exploiting a well-established network of international contacts through ongoing activities that include performances, workshops, readings and temporary installations in a (non) space that at the same time it’s set to become a gallery dedicated to sound sculpture, a listening/projection room and a practical design hub.

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