rs548049170_1_69869_TT (The Other Shapes of Me)

rs548049170_1_69869_TT (The Other Shapes of Me) is the title of a new project launched by artist Emilio Vavarella. By July 2020, this project will lead to the creation of a monumental work of art that will become part of the permanent collection of MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art in Bologna.

Winner of the VI edition of Italian Council (2019), a program for the production, acquisition and international promotion of Italian contemporary art promoted by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity and Urban Regeneration – Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, the work will be the result of a performative and research process that sees the artist and his mother, tailor and embroiderer, working in a textile laboratory.

The title rs548049170_1_69869_TT refers to the first line of text resulting from the genotyping of the artist’s DNA. The genotyping was carried out in a laboratory in Mountain View, California, but the final work will be made entirely in Italy at a historic weaving mill in Southern Italy. The project also includes a conference at Harvard University (USA) and a residence in New Delhi (India).


Project Partners
• Film Study Center- Critical Media Practice (CMP) (Harvard University, USA)
• Arthub Asia (Shanghai, China)
• MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art in Bologna (Italy)
• Gallleriapiù (Bologna, Italy)
• IIC, New Delhi

Technical Partners
• Tessitura Giaquinto
• Palazzo Guerrieri

Media partners
• ATP Diary