The Wall (archives) #4 Lecce

The Wall (archives) #4 Lecce


A project by Pietro Gaglianò in collaboration with Archiviazioni

Within the Off Programme of DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence: Art, Cities and Regeneration


workshop > 29 September 2011, from 10:30 am (by subscritpion)

show > 30.09.2011 – 30.11.2011

opening > 30 September 2011, 7:00 pm


Archiviazioni project space c/o Laboratory of Art and Architecture, Lecce (Italy)












Pierfrancesco Gnot, Radioactivity, Bologna, April 2011.

Performance included in The Wall (archives) #3 Bologna at Nosadella.due. Photo Giorgio Barrera. Courtesy the artist.







The Wall (archives) is conceived with the aim to open a discussion about the concept of wall, starting from the bare meaning of frontier line to the following and more recent interpretations due to social, cultural, psychological and aesthetic motivations.


The project adapts itself to the different environments where is based, in order to report a contemporary and emotional geography, to briefly focus on the present global consciousness and the individual responsibility regarding the motivations of the arts, using unconventional hands-on tools.

Artists, curators, intellectuals, cultural operators are invited to offer their theoretical or practical support to create a supple box/space enriched by the contributions of the new authors who