Ramdom for “Una boccata d’arte” a project by Fondazione Elpis in collaboration with Galleria Continua

Ramdom is happy to announce that it is among the partners of the project “Una boccata d’arte”, an idea of Fondazione Elpis in collaboration with Galleria Continua.

Twenty beautiful villages will be enlivened in September by twenty site-specific contemporary art projects by emerging and established Italian artists invited by Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua.

Twenty artists for twenty villages in all regions of Italy.

Ramdom will follow artist Claudia Losi’s project in Presicce-Acquarica in Puglia. Attentive to the historical and anthropological aspects of the environment in which we live, the artist Claudia Losi is interested in exploring the concept of narration through art and writing, sometimes creating new and temporary communities of human interaction and sharing of imagery.⠀

The project “Una boccata d’arte” is a spark of cultural, tourist and economic recovery based on the encounter between contemporary art and the historical and artistic beauty of twenty Italian villages.

With “Una boccata d’arte” Fondazione Elpis also wishes to make a significant contribution to the support of contemporary art and the enhancement of Italy’s historical and landscape heritage.

Fondazione Elpis was established in 2020 by Marina Nissim, with the precise intention of acting in the field of contemporary art that the Milanese entrepreneur loves and never tires of being curious about. One of the Foundation’s aims is to protect, enhance and promote the expressive forms of contemporary art and creativity, paying particular attention to the educational impact and social utility of promoting the accessibility of culture and creativity in the diversity of artistic languages. Its action focuses in particular on supporting young and emerging artists, coming from different countries and cultures, whose talent deserves a greater opportunity for visibility and support. To this end, it designs and promotes temporary exhibitions and performance activities, giving them wide visibility and facilitating their use by the public. Fondazione Elpis’ action is therefore open to internationality and multiculturalism and encourages solidarity and social cohesion.