Portafortuna Talks – public program at TOAST Project Space, Florence

Paolo Mele and Ramdom, on Friday 21st February from 4:00 pm, are guests of Portafortuna, a public program that was born within TOAST Project Space and that wants to be a moment of confrontation between independent Italian realities dealing with contemporary visual cultures. The talk program takes place in conjunction with Many Possible Cities, a festival that gives voice to stories of urban regeneration, to highlight the important role that many independent spaces dedicated to culture have within this process.

The aim of the meetings is to create a moment of confrontation between personalities, projects and institutions that gravitate in the non-profit universe with different assumptions and aims, to allow a wide debate on the multiple motivations and needs that move these contexts.


• Friday 21 February

4:00 pm
Prospects for economic sustainability in the independent world
The opening meeting addresses the issue of sustainability and is designed to highlight differences and similarities in the needs of independent spaces dealing in particular with contemporary visual languages.

• Saturday 22 February

10:30 am
A space for research, production and experimentation: non-profit and institutions
By continuing to reflect on sustainability, it also gives space to institutions that have established a dialogue with independent realities.

4:30 pm
Historical maps and instances of the moment in a generational comparison
The third talk provides a debate between past and present experiences of independence, allowing to understand how the premises and languages of these contexts have changed over the years.

• Sunday 23 February

11:30 am
Independent publishing as a space for critical and artistic production
The last meeting involves different realities that differ in practices and production in the context of independent publishing.