Every other sound: contemporary music meets popular traditions

Home Sweet Home

Every other sound. 

Contemporary music meets popular traditions.

A project produced by Ramdom. Artistic Direction by Donato Epiro.

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Home Sweet Home is the title of the artistic program with which KORA – Contemporary Arts Center in Castrignano de’ Greci (LE) was inaugurated. A multidisciplinary program that aims to explore the theme of the home not only as a place to live, but also as a path of life and a place from which relationships are born and develop.

The exhibition, which is the backdrop to the entire program, meets the language of music. It does so with a live performance review to be held from September to December 2021 and sees the participation of fifteen local and national artists who will dialogue with each other, creating a bridge between the popular musical tradition and the different incarnations of experimentation in the sound field.

The musicians are also invited to interact with Kora’s spaces, enhancing their absolute uniqueness through sound specificinterventions to be carried out within the different rooms and environments.

The live music program is accompanied by the production of podcasts that will remain as a trace of an intimate and informal dialogue between the artists.


Massimo CarozziGaspare Sammartano 3 September, 21.30 

Giovanni Di Domenico – Donatello Pisanello 26 September, 21.30

Enrico Malatesta – Luca Tarantino 16 October, 21.30

Emiliano Maggi 31 October, 21.30

Maria Valentina Chirico – La Cantiga de la Serena 1 November, 21.30

Giovanni Lami – Raffaella Aprile  13 November, 21.30

Stefano Pilia – Enza Pagliara e Dario Muci 4 December, 21.30

Francesco Cavaliere – Elettro Mascarimirì. 18 December, 21.30


A project produced by Ramdom, with the artistic direction of Donato Epiro, with the support of the Ministry of Culture General Direction for Entertainment.

Project partners: Tito Schipa Conservatory of Lecce, Liceo Musicale “Leonardo da Vinci” of Maglie, Municipality of Castrignano de Greci.