Contemporary Arts Center, Apulia, Italy

Out of the finished experience of Lastation, Ramdom’s home from 2015 to 2020, K⊙RA is born, the new Contemporary Arts Center in Puglia, in the South, in Castrignano de’ Greci, in a former Castle, which later became a Palazzo Baronale.

A place of production and research, 1600 sqm dedicated to temporary and permanent exhibitions, workshops, and training. A multidisciplinary spacethat will offer a library, a bookshop, a bar, an area dedicated to children, spaces for the organization of conferences, events, performances, and live shows.

On 23d of July 2021.K⊙RA will host the ongoing exhibition Home Sweet Home curated by Paolo Mele, Alessandra Pioselli, Davide Quadrio and Claudio Zecchi with the participation of national and international artists and projects.

During the next few days we will be busy building and planning the time ahead, come and visit us, our construction site is open!

Our time is ora (now), our space is K⊙ra. O cerò -mma èn’arte, o topo-mma ène Kora [Griko language]



K⊙ra – Contemporary Arts Center
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 19
73020 Castrignano De’ Greci LE