The Lastation experience ended in November 2020. The Apulia Region Property, under the pressure from the southeast Railways, decided to take back possession of the place and transform it into….a dressing room. More information on the story at this LINK and in the news section.

From June 2015 to November 2020, Ramdom had a home. It was called Lastation.

Lastation, the last station in the south-east, was the direction room for the artistic, cultural, and tourist enhancement of the extreme strip of land. It was a real point of reference for the local community and for the international audience; a container for innovative ideas, a space for local realities, and a center of gravity for those who spent their free time in a culturally and artistically active environment.

Lastation has also been a hub for an excellent tourist offer, offering services that have made the community a leading player in the exploration and knowledge of the area. Place of artistic residence, a hub for mobility: LaSTation was the beating heart of the extreme lands.

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Lastation was born thanks to the “Menti Locali” program of the Apulia Region.

“Laboratorio Urbano” financed by  “Mettici le Mani”.

Photos by Pierpaolo Luca -Artivisive