L’altra forma di me [Workshop]

Textile art workshop for three heads and four hands

Designed for kids from 6 years old with… mum/daughter/uncle/uncle/grandmother/
grandfather/grandfather/nandfather/status: the important thing is to be in two***!

Drawing inspiration from The Other Shapes Of Me, a work in which the artist Emilio Vavarella starts from the graphic translation of his own genetic code and, thanks to the help of his mother, transfers it into a fabric using a Jaquard loom, a small tapestry will be made that will contain, in a “different” form, the portrait of the young participants.

To stimulate concentration, exercise coordination between eye and hand and experiment with rules and fantasy, with a simple frame loom, a dressmaker’s yardstick and many coloured threads.


***Due to the way the workshop has been designed and structured, the presence of a someone adult would be desirable. If this should not be possible, we would guarantee the conditions for a proper conduct of the workshop.

Gagliano del Capo – every Thursday in July, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Lastation, Piazzale Stazione, no. 2

Info and reservations: 329 93 36 478 – [email protected]

www.lastation.it www.ramdom.net