In-Primis Impressus


28 January to 5 April 2011

edited by Claudio Musso and Mariana Santarossa

Preview – January 28, 2010

Massimiliano Nazzi – Art is out there
February 5 to February 22

Coclite Luke – Condensation with sensation
February 26-March 15

Luciano Maggiore – Stay!
March 19-April 5

Adjacency is pleased to present In-primis impressus.

The project aims to investigate the pathways and the development of the work of three artists, children of a generation that has already come to terms with their heritage, they bring into the center of his research on the visual and audio substance as malleable and ductile.
The preview of the January 28 and the series of individual exhibitions that follow, therefore, arise as a continuum of rarefaction that builds a strong objectivity, vaporizes the artistic medium to reach a state

impalpable in which the support of the work is the retina, delivering into the hands of the viewer the task of completing the work.
The project, which unfolds in three successive stages, through time and space, proposing changes to the viewer a path where each step corresponds to a shift of the witness, that every change of hand it is lighter to load the viewer. The movement is stuck in space in order to move in time and as a perimeter at each show goes by way to propose new systems.

Massimiliano Nazzi in a figurative act at the time, to run for temporary and temporary leaving the aftermath. The idea is that the storage of objects-waste entering the tunnel and ‘only a small part of what is’ out, in and out of reality’ around submerged objects and so are the windows, covered with objects press against, over, leaving a visible trace through what penetrates.
Luca Coclite metaphorically leaves a mark on the layer of condensate through the heat of the light path of projection. The environment becomes a camera obscura, in which the ‘breathing’ of the machine scans for the vapor analysis of the impression of light on the plate / screen. The “photo-graph,” in its literal sense, is the subject of a mise en scène that regardless of the duration of exposure, will never get to enter his passage on the support and accepts it.
Luciano Maggiore literally creates impressions of the retina, accompanied by a speech and amplified sound that acts like the ear of the user. The elements of acoustic-visual modeling experience stressful and alienating, but also fun and intellectually complex to understand, is quite something to “suffer” to be admired, which denies its frontal scene looking for the centripetal force and the recollection of the individual. This creates an emptying process that proceeds in stages, emphasizing the subjective dimension and environmental rules as a determinant in the relationship with the creation of the artistic moment “as proposed.
Share the polymorphism and multi-sensory involvement of these works propose strategies to re-appropriate mechanisms for reading and sensitive approach to the world and set up a space of simultaneity without a place, where the subjectivity of perception is the protagonist.

Preview (audio / video performance, extract) Massimiliano Nazzi – Luca Coclite – Luciano Maggiore from In-primis impressus on Vimeo