I Have a Gift – A project of solidarity and art in favour of Covid-19 Hospitals in Italy

A project of solidarity and art in favour of the Covid-19 Hospitals of Italy from Monday 6th to Wednesday 15th April 2020 on the Facebook Page of “I Have a Gift” and on the websites of Wunderbar Cultural Projects and Ramdom

with Elena Bellantoni | Fabrizio Bellomo | Silvia Bigi | Nina Carini | Carlos Casas | Leone Contini | Vittorio Corsini | Flavio Favelli | Eva Frapiccini | Stefania Galegati | Francesco Lauretta | Elena Mazzi | Domenico Antonio Mancini | Margherita Moscardini | Alessandro Nassiri | Nuvola Ravera | Chiara Scarfò | Ivana Spinelli | Valentina Vetturi | Ciro Vitale | Virginia Zanetti | Driant Zeneli

by Francesca Guerisoli with the organizational support of Wunderbar Cultural Projects and in collaboration with the associations Ramdom, Careof, Chan and Andrea Ninni.

From Monday 6th to Wednesday 15th April 2020 the solidarity action I Have a Gift will take place, aimed at financing the Covid-19 Hospitals in Italy through the works of 22 artists. The works, which have a market value between 250 and 5,000 euros, are donated by individual artists to those who will make cash donations directly to hospitals affected by the emergency. The project is published on the Facebook Page I Have a Gift where all the information to participate is indicated.

– What is I Have a Gift

I Have a Gift is an action of solidarity by all of us. You give to the hospital, the artist gives to you. By making a cash payment to a hospital of your choice, committed to the Covid- 19 emergency, you will receive the artwork of your choice as a gift (conditions can be found in the section “Donation modalities”). Each work made available in this project is a contribution by an artist to combat the Coronavirus emergency. We do not ask you to donate to a particular hospital: it is important to us that you have a choice, that you decide which Covid-19 hospital you want to help. We are counting on you and, in our own small way, we are all committed to supporting this battle through our work.

– Art and Gift

We understand art not only as beauty, but also and above all at a time like this as an engine of social aggregation, just when physical aggregation is – rightly – denied us in order to cope with this epidemic. Art has the capacity to adhere to reality and at the same time to offer us possible worlds, to give us multiple ways of escaping from the state of social isolation that is now necessary and, moreover, can make a material, economic contribution to the cause. I Have a Gift is a project built entirely on gift:

– first and foremost, by the artists, who generously make their work available to support this project of solidarity aimed at improving working and care conditions in Covid-19 Hospitals;

– on the part of the organizers and organizers, who do not belong to organizations from which they draw income to organize this initiative but, instead, are personally committed, bringing their specific professionalism, in the construction of this initiative;

– on your part, collector/donor, a fundamental link in this initiative, on which the amount of contributions to Covid-19 Hospitals will depend.

Each one of us – artist, organizer, collector – contributes with his part, his enthusiasm and his idea to build a better world now, following a logic of collaborative work, exchange, network, comparison. Because only together can we achieve the most satisfactory objectives.

– Why participate

Participating in I Have a Gift means taking part in a solidarity project built entirely on a voluntary and non-profit basis, with real consequences in the present. It means contributing, in our small way, to the need to guarantee the right to life to those less fortunate than us.

– The works

The works donated by artists as prizes for individual donations range from 250 to 5,000 euros, for a total of about 30,000 euros. Drawings, photographs, sculptures, performances and objects resulting from participatory projects are the media that make up the corpus of works proposed.

Identify a funding cause related to the Covid-19 emergency (a list of which we have published on the Facebook page of I Have a Gift), so that your donation goes directly to support the specific needs of a single hospital.

Go to the I Have a Gift Facebook Page and choose the work. Send an email to [email protected] stating which work you would like to receive as a prize and to which hospital you have chosen to donate the amount equal to or greater than your chosen work. The email must contain: 1) author of the work; 2) hospital recipient of the donation and related Iban; 3) acknowledgment of the method of shipment of the work.

Once the e-mail has been sent, it is necessary to wait for the reply e-mail.

Once you have received confirmation of the availability of the work, proceed by making the donation and send us by e-mail proof of payment with the reason for payment.


To participate in the solidarity project, you will have to donate directly to a Covid-19 Hospital on Italian territory the amount corresponding to or higher than the value of the work you have chosen to receive as a prize. The steps to be taken are as follows:

– How to deliver the work

The mode of shipment will be compatible with the state of emergency. The donor/buyer will collect the work by courier and will take charge of the transport. However, different methods can be agreed according to the type of work and the specific needs of the buyer.

Thanks to Sara Zolla for the precious support to the communication of the project.

– Contacts

Facebook page “I Have a Gift” https://www.facebook.com/IHAVEAGIFT22/

Wunderbar Cultural Projects: http://www.wunderbarproject.it/

Ramdom: https://www.ramdom.net/

For information write to: [email protected]

Wunderbar Cultural Projects (Manuela Contino): cell. 338.2362095