Helen Horgan

Horgan is a visual artist working in sculpture and moving image with an interest in the crossover between visual and verbal language. She is interested in how memory and immediate sensory experience shape our understanding of the world, particularly regarding aesthetic experience. Her work combines personal observation with historical cultural material as a way of reflecting on her perceptions in relation to the pre-existing documented views of others.  She finds the mediums of sound and moving image have the unique capacity to capture perceptual observations in real time which can later be reflected on in the studio.

The subject of her current moving image and sound work is the perception of foreign landscapes and cultures from her own perspective and from the perspectives of specific historical travel writers. This involves filming at public sites from the contexts described by the authors of a set of travel books from an abandoned library (The LFTT Library). “I am curious how these texts, which are perceived as culturally out-of-time, come to life in my mind when I read them” (H.H.).

Her goal is to find a way of making visible (and audible) the lived experience she perceives through these texts.