Michele Romanelli(1985). Degree in clinical psychology and Master in Mediation at the University of Padua. He is a clinical psychologist, mediator and trainer (on topics relating to health, community, conflict management and participatory processes) and public policy adviser at public and private institutions. It is part of the team of Humus Interdisciplinary Residency.

Humus is an interdisciplinary platform that invites international artists to offer a new reading to local identities through contemporary art.

Humus focuses on the fusion between the contemporary art world and that of the outlying areas.

With an artist-in-residence program, Humus asks for a new interpretation of local identities through contemporary art, to wonder about one’s relationship with one’s roots in today’s world.

Broadly speaking, Humus, in a dialogue with different disciplines, develops research and educational activities designed to promote perception of the power as a tool for raising awareness and development of the community.