A project by Alessadro Sciarroni

Curated by Davide Quadrio and produced by Arthub. Concept by Luciana Galliano

Ramdom is pleased to be among the partners of Flu水o a project by Alessandro Sciarroni curated by Davide Quadrio and produced by Arthub (Shanghai) in collaboration with MAN_Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro (Nuoro, Italy); HangarBicocca (Milan, Italy); Ramdom (Puglia, Italy); Gaswork & Triangle Network (London, UK); n+n Corsino – Scene 44 (Marseille, France); Ming Contemporary Art Museum (Shanghai, China).

Fluo is winner of the Italian Council (9th edition 2020), program to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

Flu水o stems from the need to put into perspective with the stories of our day a specific and significant moment in the history of art – the pre-Fluxus period in Japan. Flu水o’s main subject is water in its full poetic power, indispensable element of life and of pressing topicality. In its complexity and articulation – a residency, a workshop, six performances and a concert, an exhibition, three screenings, four talks – the project develops between Marseille, where the work will be produced, and the Ming Contemporary Art Museum in Shanghai, where it will be exhibited, passing through HangarBicocca in Milan, where the live work will be presented in its entirety. The final work, which consists of a four-channel video installation of the performances filmed, in dialogue with the stage elements previously produced during the residency period in Marseille – will enter in the MAN in Nuoro.

A video box set accompanied by images and texts by the artist and other scholars involved, will be the instrument through which the project will be disseminated nationally and internationally. The video will be screened in the partners’ venues – n + n Corsino Scene 44, Gasworks & Triangle Network, Ramdom – and followed by a series of talks at the presence of the artist and the curator who will enhance different aspects.



Concept by: Luciana Galliano
Curated by: Davide Quadrio
Film by: Ho Tzu Nyen
Conductor: Arnaud Arbet
Directed by: Alessandro Sciarroni
Scenography and costumes by: Andrea Anastasio
Counter Tenor: Kai Wessel
Baritone: Miljenko Turk
Ensemble: Bernasconi with Elena Casoli, guitar, and Yuka Ohta, percussions.
Piano rehearsal and musical assistant: Kyoko Nojima
Producer: Arthub
Coordination and communication: Ramdom


Project’s Partners:

Associazione Ramdom, Gagliano del Capo

Associazione DANSE 34, PRODUCTIONS, Marsiglia (Francia)

Ming Contemporary Art Museum – McaM, Shanghai (Cina)


Museo of destination:

MAN – Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro


Cultural Partners:

Gasworks & Triangle Network (Londra, UK)

Fondazione Pirelli HangarBicocca (Milano, IT)


Realized thanks to the support of:

Italian Council (9th edition 2020) – Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism


Arthub is a Shanghai based and Hong Kong registered not-for-profit platform devoted to contemporary art creation and diffusion. Arthub (born in 2007 as Arthub Asia), stemmed from the desire of exploring and experimenting with the possibilities of collaborative platforms. It took off at a time of urgency, when Chinese contemporary artistic practices had a short history of structural development and faced contradictions and problems of “translation,” especially in regards to methodologies of research within the Chinese and Asian context at large. Acting as a transcultural mediator, Arthub orchestrates collaborations between Asian and overseas artists and institutions through the production of artworks, exhibitions, publications and educational activities. In this capacity, Arthub Asia is a proxy, an experiment that aims to connect likeminded local and global creative people, pooling at the same time some degree of authority on the Asian visual art spectrum.



Alessandro Sciarroni is an Italian artist active in the field of Performing Arts with several years of experience in visual arts and theater research. His works are featured in contemporary dance and theater festivals, museums and art galleries, as well as in unconventional spaces and involve professionals from different disciplines. In 2019 he was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Dance by the Venice Biennial.



What is the Italian Council?

Italian Council is the programme by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism for the support, promotion, and enhancement of contemporary Italian art in the world