Default17: the call is online!

The call for Default17 is now online!




RAMDOM ASSOCIATION is calling for research-based artists to take part in a 7-day group investigation aimed at ideas related to extreme lands and remote areas. Situated at the southern tip of east Italy on the Mediterranean, Gagliano del Capo poses as an ideal location for participants of the DEFAULT 17 Residency to contribute to an investigation of the extreme land. The project will investigate geographic dislocation as a socio-anthropological characteristic embedded in extreme territories. It confronts challenges, particularly relating to climate and environmental conditions, as a means to explore diverse interpretations of human and natural landscapes.

During working days participants will develop their research approach in intensive workshops and seminar sessions. They will expand their network and exchange know-how with the support of the programme curators, external guests and lecturers.

Ramdom will work with each participant for the potential development and realization of further proposals and projects. Particular attention will be given to applicants who intend to locate the discourse on the extreme land within a broader context across disciplines and practices.