Ruben Brulat

Ruben Brulat works by movement and evidences, using what is, gestures, stories. His practice is multidisciplinary, towards the origins, he follow the great Rift, geological cracks that cuts Africas, in the depth of Ethiopia, Erytrea and Djibouti, attempts of a symbiosis, from his body and what surrounds him, to reach a ‘sentiment oceanique’.

By Necessity, his hands plunge into acid pools, a trace, into the unknown by instinct, filming  at moonlight, between silence and sans the pyramids of Sudan.

Searching for matters and heading back to the volcanoes in the pacific belt, paintings in situ, body wrapped by sounds and smells, canvases laid in the caldera, tools taken from the surroundings, forces that submerge until exhaustion, in the experience of the sphere, the great all, in between abandon and search for the self within. Questioning the human condition, searching for its roots, from this present, trying to catch what is.